At Dance Factory Swakopmund we offer a variety of dance styles: Ballet, Jazz/Modern Dance, Hip-hop, Contemporary, Creative Kinder Dance and more! For each style we have different age groups or levels. To find out which level suits you it is best to contact our studio and book a try-out class. Some styles have a minimum age restriction, so please read the descriptions carefully.
Every year Dance Factory hosts a big performance / show in which students participate. This teaches the students performance skills much needed for a dancer and boost their confidence in everyday life. Due to our wide variety of dance styles at our school, our shows are diverse and interesting for all to watch (not only parents) and therefore exposes the students to a big audience.

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 Jazz Dance

Originated in the USA in the 1950's. Jazz dance showcases a broad range of styles from lyrical to funky, modern moves. Students (from age 5-adults) learn a solid base of technique which enables them to do fancy footwork, pirouettes and big leaps. It's fun and energetic!


The technique is based on ballet and freedom of movement of Jazz. It works with the natural body alignment, which makes it accessible for beginners while challenging the advanced dancer to push to new boundaries of the body. (Suitable from age 7 to adults)

 Creative Kinder Dance

A preparation class for our youngest dancers (age 3-4years). In a playful way, they learn the basic technique for Jazz and Ballet, while developing not only gross motor skills, but also their social skills, musical skills, cognitive and special awareness skills.


Open classes in Classical Ballet according to Vaganova (Russian) technique. A solid and essential base in technique for every dancer (from age 5 to adults). Students will do an internal exam towards the end of the year (usually end October) for which they each receive a certificate and can achieve a bronze, silver or gold award. each year the students have the opportunity to progress to a new / higher level.


A dance style usually danced to Hip-hop music. With lots of practice you quickly gain experience and good skills. Soon you will be dancing just like the stars on MTV. (From age 9 to adults).


An energetic and fun way to get fit. On popular latin songs you learn simple choreographies (Dances) with repetitive, but fun and funky moves, that make you sweat (or as Jenny calls it "sparkle") and just melt into a superb figure, leaving you to feel fabulous and confident after every class!



Basic Fee (1 class per week)    N$ 1520.00

Additional class                   N$ 1080.00

Ballet Fee (2 classes per week) N$ 2480.00

Zumba                                     N$ 1240.00$

If you are unable to pay the full term payment in advance, you are also able to make a special arrangement with us to pay 4 monthly instalments per term.

If you pay for the whole year in advance you receive a 10% discount on the total amount.

Monthly Instalments: 

Basic Fee (1 class per week)       N$ 380.00

      Additional class                      N$ 270.00

Ballet Fee (2 classes per week)   N$ 620.00



              Card of 10 (for Adults only)     N$ 1100.00

                        Friday pass                     N$ 750.00

                Single Classes                          N$ 120.00

             Registration Fee (once off)      N$ 170.00